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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Unapologetic Explanation

I want to clarify why I chose my blog name “Unapologetic Diabetic”.  Sometimes I find myself apologizing when I’m not at fault.  Bump into me at the supermarket?  Sorry.  Couldn’t catch the ball I threw?  Sorry.  Spill your coffee on me?  Sorry.  Injecting myself at the dinner table bother you?  Sorry.  That’s where I draw the line.  I need to do this, you don’t need to watch.
I won’t apologize for being diabetic.  I did not cause my diabetes.  It was like a lightning strike.  One day I was fine and the next...I was walking around with a completely unaccommodating pancreas. 
I won’t apologize for crazy blood sugar numbers…I’m diabetic…it happens.  That said, I do try to keep from having them in the first place, I test and correct, but it does happen sometimes, and that is ok. 
I won’t apologize for being low and having to stop whatever I’m doing to inhale sugar.  NOTHING is fun when you’re low (no Hubby, not even that).  When I’m low I need to correct it.  My life actually depends on it.  My loved ones understand this, and they love me anyway.
I won’t apologize for having my DOC friend’s backs in a bar fight, should one occur.  Mess with one of us and you mess with all of us.  Anyone dealing with diabetes knows the bond it brings.  If you have a wonky pancreas, or adore someone with a wonky pancreas that can vouch for you, you’re in.      
I won’t apologize for occasionally baking goodies that have enough butter and sugar in them to make Paula Deen blush.  As long as I count carbs and take my shot (and get my ass on the “dreadmill”)…I can eat them too!
I won’t apologize for the dumb mistakes I make dealing with diabetes.  You live and learn.  After seventeen years I’m still learning about diabetes and working to stay healthy and happy for the long haul.    
I’m learning to accept myself the way I am.  I’m getting better at it.  Save the apologies for when you accidently drop an anvil on someone’s foot.  You should totally apologize for that.  J


  1. LOVE IT! you made me bust out loud somewhere :) lol

  2. I HEAR YOU@!!!! im aplogetic by nature..opps, sorry im breathing your air... dont apologise any more you deal with enough. lol @ dreadmill.

  3. This post should be given to all diabetics at the point of diagnosis I reckon! I think most of us end up feeling as though our diabetes is something we should feel guilty about, but it's NOT.

    I've missed reading your posts Meagan - my internet's been down for a while but now it's back I will be catching up! GREAT :)

  4. I'm new to diabetes and I'm trying to learn that crazy numbers are ok, most of the time I did absolutely nothing to cause them it's just the diabetes, so it's nice to hear it from someone else.

  5. Awesome!!! I'm a serial I'm Sorry sayer too (even when it's the other person's fault, what's up with that??) - but you are right. We should NEVER apologize for anything having to do with diabetes!!

  6. Ah...I would love to be in a bar fight with you Dear Friend. :) This was a wonderful list. Never apologize. You did nothing wrong. You are an inspiration. xo

  7. Well said sister. Of course I'd have your back. We are all in this together!