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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somebody May Need To Slap Me

I’m good at overreacting.  I should win an award for it.  I get ruffled at stupid things.  I worry.   I don’t hold my tongue when I often should.  I need to work on this I know. 

Yesterday was stressful, I woke to stress, had a day filled with stress at work and came home to…peace, serenity and a hot bubble bath…NOT!  Yep, came home to stress.  I can’t help but wonder what this stress is doing to my blood pressure (You were sure I was going to say blood SUGAR right?  Well, I already know what stress does to my blood sugar, and it’s not pretty).    I haven’t filled the prescription yet from my last post.  I know, I know.  I plan on taking all my prescriptions to a new pharmacy to comparison shop this weekend, though it means I am delaying starting the BP meds.  While he was contemplating putting me on the pills, Doc mentioned something about the med not only protecting my kidneys (?), but also lowering my blood pressure which may help me “calm down”.  Calm down?  Is that possible?  I’m ready to try anything at this point and I’d rather not start drinking heavily.

In honor of calming down, I’m posting a favorite pic of mine that just so happens to make me smile every time.  I totally ruined any hope of a “Wordless Wednesday” post with my rant, but darn it, I’m just not going to worry.

Here’s my dog back when she was just a pup.  The breeder had a stack of Benjamin’s in her hand the second I saw this.  Little did I know that she’d literally pee on my pillow when we got home, (would you like some stress with that?).  However, she was totally worth the stress (and a new pillow).  J

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Insulin Doesn’t Grow On Trees

I had a visit with the doc today, I was happy when I walked in and saw a piggy bank for a diabetes fundraiser at the front desk.  Though it wasn’t much, I emptied my wallet into that piggy.  I probably looked like I had robbed a Super Mario Brother because coins were rolling over the counter into the receptionist’s lap.  I refused to stop until I had shoved every last one into that pig.  They thanked me, I thanked them, and they waved me in without charging a Co-Pay…NICE!  I am sure I’ll see a bill for that shortly, but nevertheless, I was in a good mood just knowing people care about curing D.    

They took my blood pressure and it showed on the high side.  I get nervous at the doc, “white coat syndrome” and all and so I wondered if it was because of that.  After the doc checked me out, he had the nurse take it again.  It showed higher.  Then she tried another blood pressure cuff which showed way lower (over 20 points!).  Um, if I’m at the mercy of these devices, shouldn’t they be accurate???  Nurse shrugged her shoulders.  Doc contemplates putting me on a new med. Another prescription?  Not happy at all.

I had a talk with the doc because, even with insurance, the prescription costs are getting out of hand.  In addition to diabetes supplies, I’m also on a couple of non diabetes meds.  Prescriptions are expensive.  Insulin doesn’t grow on trees, and there is no generic form of insulin.  Doc was a sweetheart and brought me two free vials of insulin, a very kind gesture for which I am grateful. 

I have to wonder though, back when I was eighteen and newly diagnosed, I was dropped from my parents insurance.  I used to have to pay for insulin (and strips, syringes, etc) at retail prices on my security guard salary.  I was not in nearly as tight control as I am now, and I’m pretty sure I barely ever ate.  If I remember correctly, it was about $20 a bottle when I was eighteen – now a bottle can go for well over a hundred dollars without insurance.  Do they harvest it from Unicorns now?  Just how the heck did it get so expensive?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's July 12th, Time for 12 of 12!!!

The F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Mike Lawson inspired me last month with his 12 of 12 pics.  He actually offered to remind me of it in July when I expressed interest.  True to his word, Mike emailed me last night to give me a heads up....Love him!  You must check out his kick a** blog at   Thanks Mike!  :)

On the 12th day of each month bloggers from all over the world take 12 photos of their day.  The 12 of 12 project was Chad’s idea, go to his website to see links from the people who participated this month and to post a link to yours!

Here was my day...

Started out with two uncooperative Pomeranians.  They were not at all interested at looking at the camera. 

Second injection of the day.  I leave rubberbands on my long-lasting insulin so I can easily tell the bottles apart even if I'm drunk  tired.  Definitely NOT medical advice.  :)

Just finished working six days in a row...It's coffeetime with Sis now! 

Almost cried in my coffee, sis tells me they are naming her baby (due end of summer) Emma Meagan.  The "Meagan" part after me.  :) 

Having a great time together, let's SHOP!!!

I swear to you I was walking through the store AFTER she told me the baby name and saw this sign.  I made her hold it because - I think this SIGN is a SIGN.  :)

It's all fun and games until someone (ME) has low blood sugar.  Tried telling my sister I was fine and promptly almost fell over.  Hmm, time for a snack.

Slooowed down and had snack, took in the beautiful flowers at Town Square.

Yep, even the Jeep wears a "STOP DIABETES" ADA sign.  :)

Had to stop at the market on the way home.  I decided I should force myself to post a pic of my shopping cart...keeps me less naughty!  Though, somehow those cookies did still manage to sneak in there.  Um, they're for J-Bear. 

I apologize I am all disheveled and tired after a long hard day of shopping.  It's not pretty but I needed a twelfth pic.  :) 
Night night!!! 

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Brand-New Bottle of My Insulin Went Missing - My New Article on Diabetes Health

My new article was just posted on the Diabetes Health website.  You can read it by clicking the following link or by visiting and clicking the article in my name - Meagan Esler.  It will also be in an upcoming print issue.  I'm sorry to report that it is not a happy article.  Thanks for all your support blog buddies. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Beach & My Dog's Birthday - A Friday Non-D Post!

I loved the idea of a non-D "Good Friday" post which Roselady from Diapeepees was brilliant enough to think of.  So here is what we were up to this week…
The Beach!!!!  We were off for the long holiday weekend so we drove to Indiana (from the suburbs of Chicago suburbs) to play at the Indiana Dunes.  I asked my fifteen year old if he wanted to go with us and lo and behold he said “YES!”  Zombie teen left his room to splash and swim in the lake with his un-cool parental units.  Yay!
We played Frisbee in the lake.  Aw, look – it’s Hubs.  J                                         
We parked in the only non-tow zone we could find and crashed a private beach because the actual Indiana Dunes parking lot and beach was FULL. 
Hello beautiful un-crowded Ogden Dunes!
We also had a birthday party for our oldest resident Pomeranian…I baked vanilla cupcakes.  Happy 10th Birthday you little monkey!!!

Now, I’m in the midst of a six day stretch of work *sigh*.   Can’t wait till next month’s staycation (vacation at home)!  :)