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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post.  My blood sugars have been PMS’ing and unpredictable.  The other day I had a headache, a nosebleed, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, absolute and utter exhaustion, and still…it was amazing.  It was literally one of the best days of my life.  You are probably wondering if I hit my head.  How can a day like that have turned out so well? 

My newest niece was born just before 8a.m.  My sister asked me to be in the delivery room with her for the C-Section.  As I got ready for the birth and changed into my scrubs, I discovered that a hot pink bra is a no-no when wearing surprisingly see-through navy blue scrubs.  I had high blood sugar that morning upon waking so I took a massive shot…and regretted it as I felt it dropping and I realized I’d have a mask on and no sugar nearby in the operating room.  I was inhaling Skittles and having a quiet personal freak out as my sister was being prepped, when all the sudden a delightful nurse asked if I wanted juice.  “YES!” I replied as I downed as much glucose as my excited CrAzY self could stomach (what with all the nervous butterflies).  Thank goodness for the sugar, after the surgery my blood sugar was a happy 107.  I also snagged an extra juice in case the “baby daddy” needed one later since he is also a type 1 diabetic that has a knack (like me!) of going low in allll the wrong places. 

When the doctor said “stand up” to me so I could get the very first glimpse of my tiny, wiggling pink niece, I cried like a baby.  What a beautiful experience.  She was (thank you God) perfect.

We needed that little sweetie to be perfect.  My sister has been through difficult deliveries that resulted in NICU stays for two of her older children.  Her husband has Type 1 diabetes, her sister (me) has Type 1 diabetes, her other daughter has cerebral palsy.  She has a full plate with all of us needing her support and advice on a regular basis.  She never fails.  She gives unbelievable amounts of time and love to each of us.  She is, without question, my best girlfriend.  I’d do anything for her.       

All went well, baby and sis are doing great and this proud Auntie (whose name happens to be the baby’s middle name!) is on cloud nine.  J

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's August 12th, Time for 12 of 12!!!!!

On the 12th day of each month bloggers from all over the world take 12 photos of their day. The 12 of 12 project was Chad’s idea, go to his website to see links from the people who participated this month and to post a link to yours!

We were off work this week on vacation, but we stayed close to home.  Here was my day...

Ooh, the suspense!!!  

*Forehead Slap* as I realize it is after noon and I haven't taken my long-lasting injection yet.   Grrrr.

I know I'll regret posting this unflattering shot (Ha, "shot"! pun intended!), but it's a day in the life of living with D.  Long-lasting insulin administered.  :)

Hubs and I went bowling.  Was going to make a "ball" joke here, but thought better of it. 

That sir, was a gutterball.  D'oh!

I won the first game!!!  He kicked my behind on the second one though. 

Picked up prescriptions.  Wondering why they are about $130 less than usual. Hmm. 

Oh boy,  why do I only have one bottle of Humalog for three months???  Pharmacy has to call the doc...we've only been doing this at the same doctor's office for SEVENTEEN YEARS.  Maybe someday, they'll get my re-fills right.

Chick-fil-A Chicken Salad for lunch.  I know I should've passed on the breaded chicken, but it was SO GOOD.  :)

Missed some of Shark Week so we had some catching up to do on the DVR.  Love Shark Week!

How cool is he?!?!?

Because last week's Diabetic Ice Cream Social was so much fun we had to do it again. :)  Finishing off the vacation with a small Oreo Blizzard from DQ.  Yum!   Goodnight Blog Buddies!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Need A Cure

I feel like I’m at a loss for words.  Two lives lost to diabetes in the past 24 hours and a third reportedly hangs in the balance.  My prayers and thoughts are with the families.  I’m sad.  I’m heartbroken.  I’m angry.  My rage is with diabetes.

The lows scare me.  I’m certain they scare all of us, and our families.  I went low one night, about fourteen years ago and still, it seems like only yesterday.  To this day, I run my sugars high at night because of that night. 

I had gone to bed without eating, a simple act that anyone without diabetes can do.  Upset with a co-worker, I forgot to eat and fell asleep.  My live-in boyfriend at the time found me soaked in sweat, shaking and unresponsive.  He tried rubbing syrup in my cheeks to wake me – unfortunately he used sugar-free syrup…seriously.  We had no glucagon and had never even heard of or been trained to use glucagon.  Thankfully, he called 911.

I “woke” making noises like an animal in distress.  I couldn’t speak.  I was terrified.  I couldn’t respond as they called my name.  I literally had a problem with my own name for a while after that night, simply because the fire chief had continuously called my name in a rather stern tone, while he tried to calm me.  “Combative” was the term they used to describe me. 

I woke in the ER throwing up.  They tried to feed me a banana and I threw up some more.  I found this was a side effect of glucagon.  My tongue was killing me and I found it was bloody and scarred from biting it during my low.  It still has slight scarring to this day, reminding me of that unforgettable night. 

No one should have to go through this.  No one should have to be scared to go to sleep each night.  No family should experience this senseless loss.  We need a cure.  Falling asleep at night without eating should not be a fatal mistake.  I keep praying, fighting and wishing for that cure.   

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bret Michaels. Is There a More Awesome Spokesperson? I Think Not. ♥

These were taken in August of 2010, but I thought they were timeless.  
Love Bret's Tour Bus!!!

We ended up following his tour bus to the show!  :)

I adore this man for plastering this on the side of his bus.

We missed the opening act waiting outside for was WORTH it!!!  I held up my Tour de Cure jersey that says "I RIDE WITH DIABETES" and he stopped, smiled, and waved.

He spoke about his diabetes and recent health scares during the concert. 

Best. Concert. Ever!