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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somebody May Need To Slap Me

I’m good at overreacting.  I should win an award for it.  I get ruffled at stupid things.  I worry.   I don’t hold my tongue when I often should.  I need to work on this I know. 

Yesterday was stressful, I woke to stress, had a day filled with stress at work and came home to…peace, serenity and a hot bubble bath…NOT!  Yep, came home to stress.  I can’t help but wonder what this stress is doing to my blood pressure (You were sure I was going to say blood SUGAR right?  Well, I already know what stress does to my blood sugar, and it’s not pretty).    I haven’t filled the prescription yet from my last post.  I know, I know.  I plan on taking all my prescriptions to a new pharmacy to comparison shop this weekend, though it means I am delaying starting the BP meds.  While he was contemplating putting me on the pills, Doc mentioned something about the med not only protecting my kidneys (?), but also lowering my blood pressure which may help me “calm down”.  Calm down?  Is that possible?  I’m ready to try anything at this point and I’d rather not start drinking heavily.

In honor of calming down, I’m posting a favorite pic of mine that just so happens to make me smile every time.  I totally ruined any hope of a “Wordless Wednesday” post with my rant, but darn it, I’m just not going to worry.

Here’s my dog back when she was just a pup.  The breeder had a stack of Benjamin’s in her hand the second I saw this.  Little did I know that she’d literally pee on my pillow when we got home, (would you like some stress with that?).  However, she was totally worth the stress (and a new pillow).  J


  1. its really tough not to let stress accumulate thru the day, it really does multiply. my kids stress me from the second they wake me in the morning, and i have to work at calming down. i know what you mean about switching to alcoholic sedative, lol. im trying to be more organised so at least that feeling of time slipping thru my fingers (which also stresses me out) will minimize. - jules.

  2. AWWW!!! Your dog is so cute! Maybe I need to stop drinking heavily and START with some pills...LOL. Sorry you had a stressful day. xo

  3. That is the cutest puppy ever!!!! I would have handed over the "Bennies" too!!!

    Now put the computer down and go get your meds :)

  4. YOU DOH WAS SUCH A CUTE PUPPY!!!!!! AHH!!! Maybe try playing with your puppy to relax you a little :)

  5. I'm sorry you are going through such a stressful time right now. :( I'm sending a bunch of good, calming vibes your way. And oh my, your dog is so so so cute!!! Totally worth a pee-pillow. ;)

  6. Look at that QT? How can one NOT de-stress after looking at that picture? Awwwww...

    Hope today is a better day girlie!!!

  7. Ahhh....what a sweet sweet puppy :) OMGsh!!! Love that little furball :)

    Stress....yes! I KNOW!!! And I don't even have DaSuga. Let's fly away somewhere and leave the world behind :)

  8. She's soooo cute! Naughty for peeing on your pillow, but gorgeous nevertheless.

    Sorry to hear your day was so stressful! I hope you're feeling more relaxed now.

    By the way, the comment you left on my post the other day hoping that the sun would come out in England has done the trick! The last couple of days have been scorchers. You miracle-worker, you!

    Sending peace and love to you :)