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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's July 12th, Time for 12 of 12!!!

The F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Mike Lawson inspired me last month with his 12 of 12 pics.  He actually offered to remind me of it in July when I expressed interest.  True to his word, Mike emailed me last night to give me a heads up....Love him!  You must check out his kick a** blog at   Thanks Mike!  :)

On the 12th day of each month bloggers from all over the world take 12 photos of their day.  The 12 of 12 project was Chad’s idea, go to his website to see links from the people who participated this month and to post a link to yours!

Here was my day...

Started out with two uncooperative Pomeranians.  They were not at all interested at looking at the camera. 

Second injection of the day.  I leave rubberbands on my long-lasting insulin so I can easily tell the bottles apart even if I'm drunk  tired.  Definitely NOT medical advice.  :)

Just finished working six days in a row...It's coffeetime with Sis now! 

Almost cried in my coffee, sis tells me they are naming her baby (due end of summer) Emma Meagan.  The "Meagan" part after me.  :) 

Having a great time together, let's SHOP!!!

I swear to you I was walking through the store AFTER she told me the baby name and saw this sign.  I made her hold it because - I think this SIGN is a SIGN.  :)

It's all fun and games until someone (ME) has low blood sugar.  Tried telling my sister I was fine and promptly almost fell over.  Hmm, time for a snack.

Slooowed down and had snack, took in the beautiful flowers at Town Square.

Yep, even the Jeep wears a "STOP DIABETES" ADA sign.  :)

Had to stop at the market on the way home.  I decided I should force myself to post a pic of my shopping cart...keeps me less naughty!  Though, somehow those cookies did still manage to sneak in there.  Um, they're for J-Bear. 

I apologize I am all disheveled and tired after a long hard day of shopping.  It's not pretty but I needed a twelfth pic.  :) 
Night night!!! 


  1. I would love a Starbucks right now :) AND good idea with the rubber band... in case your "tired" :)

  2. Oh, I wish I could look tired and disheveled from SHOPPING!! My reason is boring old housework!! ;)

  3. So glad to see another 12 of 12'er on the bandwagon! (my pics will be going up tomorrow because i'm too lazy) I loved these! and I noticed you had cashew cookie lara bars in your basket.. those are my FAV!

  4. I agree with Denise, I WISH I could look as amazing as you do when I'm tired from a long day.

    Oh, and welcome to the 12-of-12!! (I will send you some Cherry Pie as part of the "welcoming committee" teehee).

    I saw your article in Diabetes Health - best wishes to you, your son, and your family.

    Thanks for sharing your day, hope to see you next month.

  5. Ah look AMAZING for being disheveled!!! Great 12 of 12, perhaps I should get on the bandwagon too!

  6. Great pics Meagan! Welcome to 12 of 12! I think the D-Folks are in the process of taking it over! ;)

  7. I love this post Meagan! Haha, your shopping cart looks pretty darn good! (The cookies make it look even better if you ask me!) Hope that your levels balanced out again after your hypo! (Get a couple of those cookies down you - I'm sure they'll do the trick!) :D

    Have to disagree about the last photo too. You look absolutely lovely! :) Never heard of the 12-12 project but I think you've done a heck of a good job of it!

  8. how lovely that your sister's baby will be named after you! what a compliment :)

    ps. we have the same BG tester!

  9. We have the whole of THREE Starbucks in Belgium now, and Belgium is indeed a country :-)

  10. Nice to find your blog. Rubberband=awesome. And I love larabars too, addicted.

    I agree with Reyna you look awesome!