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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Beach & My Dog's Birthday - A Friday Non-D Post!

I loved the idea of a non-D "Good Friday" post which Roselady from Diapeepees was brilliant enough to think of.  So here is what we were up to this week…
The Beach!!!!  We were off for the long holiday weekend so we drove to Indiana (from the suburbs of Chicago suburbs) to play at the Indiana Dunes.  I asked my fifteen year old if he wanted to go with us and lo and behold he said “YES!”  Zombie teen left his room to splash and swim in the lake with his un-cool parental units.  Yay!
We played Frisbee in the lake.  Aw, look – it’s Hubs.  J                                         
We parked in the only non-tow zone we could find and crashed a private beach because the actual Indiana Dunes parking lot and beach was FULL. 
Hello beautiful un-crowded Ogden Dunes!
We also had a birthday party for our oldest resident Pomeranian…I baked vanilla cupcakes.  Happy 10th Birthday you little monkey!!!

Now, I’m in the midst of a six day stretch of work *sigh*.   Can’t wait till next month’s staycation (vacation at home)!  :)  


  1. SWEET! I'm loving this non-D post thing too. I love love love looking at pictures so thanks for sharing! the beach looks SO pretty and inviting.

  2. Looks like great fun!
    Not sure which I love more...that the teenager went with you or that you made cupcakes for your dog!! ;)

  3. that you made cupcakes for the occassion and YAYYYYYY for your 15 year old wanting to hang with you. Now that is saying something.