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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Which Emergency Comes First?!?!

Tornado sirens.  Not a good thing when you just barely finished dinner and are dealing with low blood sugar.  I didn’t eat nearly as much as I thought at dinner, so I figured I’d have some dessert to make up the carbs (I know – bad girl, just eat your starchy veggies already).  My lips were doing their tingly-numb thing (a weird low symptom I get) and my hands were shaky.  I was in that fog. 

Because of the fog, I had not yet gotten to the dessert part, when my son came running down the stairs hollering “the sirens, the sirens – Mom grab a dog”!  The sirens hadn’t even registered in my low blood sugar head at this point.  I was SO proud that he was on the ball about tornados because years ago I discovered both boys running around upstairs listening to music as the sirens wailed in the background.  I taught them after that to always heed the warning sirens, which meant grabbing both dogs and heading to the teeny-tiny downstairs bathroom. 

I was in slow motion thanks to hypo’s little tricks and so I was heading toward the bathroom when my son showed up ahead of me with an armful of Pomeranians (bless his heart, he had grabbed both of the squirmy pups and still beat me to the bathroom).  I grabbed a bag of mini donuts and a sack of potato chips (I know, ewww – what a combo) and met him there. 

Luckily the sirens stopped pretty quick, and just four of those mini donuts have 29 carbs so I was good to go in a short while, but geez – low blood sugar during a real emergency would have been just awesome.  Fun times with D.  I can see it now, “Hey mom, remember when your blood sugar crashed and we all could’ve died?”  Sweetie, thank goodness you are such a level headed smarty pants!  J   


  1. Donuts and chips are ALWAYS the first thing I grab in an emergency! ;) Get it girl!! LOL

    Glad you all are safe, including the whole family who could have died at the hands of a low BS. (Kids are just too funny)


  2. Love how kids can be so melodramatic!! Glad you have him and he was on top of things while your low brain did its best to keep up!!

  3. I am happy to hear you all are safe! Your boys are so cute! So grown up too! Remember to always take care of yourself though because you can't help others unless you are ok! Good work with the I want one....oops lol

  4. Wow, your boys deserve a treat for that! Haha :) Sometimes hypos strike at the most unnecessary of times. I reckon it's the D playing a sick joke. So glad you're all ok! Weather in England is bad (bad for the time of year, as in rain and grey skies) but no tornados. Stay safe and tell the D off! :)

  5. Glad to hear you're all okay! :)