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Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Topic - When Has Diabetes Got You In the Door, VIP Treatment, etc?

Martin from Diabetically Speaking suggested a topic for today's posts: When has diabetes got you in the door, VIP treatment, etc.?  Diabetes hasn’t shown me too many perks, so I reaaaallly had to give this one some thought. 
Years ago, my doctor’s office would send diabetics that had been fasting to the front of the blood work line.  I know this isn’t quite as glam as getting ushered quickly into a new nightclub, but not having to wait forty-five minutes to have a blood draw while your sugars are falling and your stomach is growling is pretty cool!
However, this little perk is no more.  I show up as early as possible, but still get to wait forever.  Last time, I woke up with high blood sugar.  I wasn’t about to show up with a sugar like 300 to my A1C blood draw damn it.  I had worked SO hard to get my sugars down to have my best ever A1C, NOTHING was going to ruin it.  I’m stubborn like that. 
I injected before leaving the house.  WHAT?  HOW COULD YOU?  DIDN’T YOU KNOW THAT YOU WERE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT YOU NITWIT!?!?  Yes, I knew I’d have to wait, thought I could just take the edge off of 300 a bit with a small shot.  Of course, since Murphy and I rarely ever get along, I ended up falling fast.  I sat in the waiting room with a pack of M&M’s in hand, waiting to get the blood draw.  I kept reminding the desk that I was going lower and the desk kept telling me I should eat or drink something and come back another day.
No effing way was I coming back another day!  I had fasted for hours and hours and my non-caffeinated ass was ready to have a meltdown.  Then it happened.  Forty-five minutes after I walked in – they called my name. 
The halleluiah choir sang in my head, the lab tech rocked her mad skills and as soon as the blood was out, I chugged M&M’s.  I then ran out to my car where a donut and coffee were waiting (there’s that music again!). 
The doc’s office scolded me for showing up with a blood sugar of 53.  They said they worried that I had some hypoglycemic unawareness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nope, I told them.  I was completely AWARE just how low I was and I downed M&M’s in your lab room.  Maybe now they’ll re-instate the D peeps first in line rule!!!  I know, I know, my behavior makes me cringe too. 


  1. They shouldn't scold you for that! I once had to fast for a tilt-table test (to see if I was prone to low blood pressure and dizziness, which apparently I am!) and they were LATE. When I finally got in there and hooked me up, it took another hour for some reason...I was SO weak and I was SO mad that they were late in doing my test by at least 2 or more hours. They finally gave me some OJ during the test.

    So it's a good thing you spoke up! I really don't think I've ever gotten VIP treatment though, but I guess I'm ok with that. Maybe. :)

  2. hahahaha this is soo funny because it reminds me of me!! I hate not being able to drink coffee before, so I always try to get there as early as possible. We SHOULD get to the front of the line, since we have to go all the time anyway. I am worried that you were that low though, I hope you don't do that again!!

  3. glad you tackled martin's topic! ugh. fasting bloodwork. at least you got some m & m's out of the deal!

    and thanks for all your comments on my guest posts this week! i know my posters appreciated it!

  4. HA!!! I love how you roll. Now, I am not encouraging the "low" business...but I love that part about the "uncaffeinated ass"...that would be enough for me to live on the edge of hypoglycemia too. I LOVE MY COFFEE!!! xo

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Do we seriously have to worry about not getting rid of the tummy pooch cuz we inject in our bellies????

    Now I'm pissed!!! hahaha