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Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Little Piggy Went to Market…to Buy a Gold Toe Ring

I’ve always had a thing for shoes.  I used to buy super high heels and limp home at the end of the day.  That’s attractive right???  Now, I look for comfy heels or flats.  Hooray cute flats!!!

At my last endocrinologist appt, she checked my feet.  She tested for sensitivity and scoped for cracks, wounds, anything out of the ordinary.  She told me how a small crack in the skin could lead to a serious infection.  She spoke about how I should wear socks all the time (Ugh – I go barefoot ALL THE TIME around the house).  She remarked that I was lucky because my feet are still young and moisturized.  Honestly though, this is not always the case.  Sometimes my feet are Sahara desert-y, not soft and supple-y.  Sometimes I worry if I brush against my husband in bed he’ll think we have a cheese grater under the covers.    

I take care of them of course.  I moisturize overnight and do my own toenails.  I won’t go near a nail salon for a pedicure for fear of what could happen there.  I checked out the Ped Egg because of the rave reviews a friend gave it – to my dismay the packaging said NOT to use if you are a diabetic.  I thought it was “so gentle it won’t burst a balloon”, what exactly are they afraid of?  How is it that it won’t damage a balloon, but can potentially shred a diabetic foot?  I bought one anyway and used it on my heels, and it did work for me, though I was careful not to go crazy.  I am not saying it is safe, only that I tried it and my foot didn’t fall off.  Your D-feet may vary, I am not a doctor.  I don’t play one on T.V., nor in the bedroom much to Hubs dismay.        

Years ago, I stepped on a piece of glass, and though I wasn’t seriously hurt, I was able to get an immediate doc appt simply by saying “I’m a diabetic”.  Moments prior, I had tried to snag an appt for a cough and they said “We have nothing available today, call back tomorrow”.  Seriously, they don’t mess around with diabetic feet.

I pamper my feet.  I wear toe and ankle jewelry often.  I paint my toenails year round, not just in the summer.  I think it’s because I know what can happen, because of the “what if’s” in the back of my mind.  I know I may not be able to get away with stupidly high heels or even cute flats someday and not just because I don’t want to limp home.  For now, I’ll enjoy how healthy they are.  I’m not taking these little piggies for granted. 


  1. Ah...the MD in the bedroom made me do a "double-take". Love the wit!!! And...the ped egg is awesome. I have had great results with it as well. My feet get nasty in the summer between the pool and wearing flip flops.

  2. Stinkin cute sandals!! I do need to do a good scrubbing on my heels...looking kinda sad from neglect for a few days! Time for a home pedi!!
    Oh, and my hubby would be happy with a nurse...your's wants a doctor in the bedroom? How snooty!! ;)

  3. LOVE the sandals and your toe-ring - they're really pretty :)

    I own a Ped Egg but never even noticed (or checked!) for the warning about not using on the feet of diabetics! To be honest, I don't use mine because it reminds me of a cheese grater. Eww! Still, I have a pumice stone that I prefer to use once in a while and I guess it's kinda' the same thing.

    Foot care worries me so much! If I get a cut or break the skin, my feet heal worse than any other part of my body. Scary stuff! You're right - we should enjoy them and take care of them, just in case :)

  4. I love the toe ring!!! I'm in flips all summer long too. My ped said that my feet are in great condition, but I should wear socks and shoes (sneakers) to protect them.
    So I consider wearing flips as my private protest against "D"...for now.
    Besides, nothing makes me smile more than a French Pedicure, flips and a great toe ring :)

  5. I get pedicures all the time....I just make sure to bring my sanitizer for the foot bath they use. I have never had a problem before...not saying you should! Just that I don't seem to have an issue. Love the shoes! I have a pair of brown steve madden JUST like them that I wear all the time!

  6. omg i laughed out loud @ the cheese grater me too, im like a grater. dh wont snuggle footsies with me :( haha.