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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Power of the DOC

A friend at work came up to me the other day.  She had a worried expression on her usually serene face.  She pulled me aside to tell me that a six-year-old in her family had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

About a year ago, she wouldn’t have been able to approach me about diabetes.  I was in hiding.  I didn’t take my shots or test my blood in front of people.  I didn’t talk about my diabetes feelings, fears, or accomplishments.  When the few people that knew asked questions, I gave them a vague answer and found a reason to dodge the conversation.  

Thanks to the past few months with the DOC, this time was different.  Instead of dodging her, I told her how sorry I was to hear her news.  I shared some positive information about life with D.  I told her about the AMAZING unlimited support that is online.  To have had this community at my fingertips when I was diagnosed would’ve saved me from nearly sixteen years of loneliness, shame, and hopelessness.  I shared how we rally and uplift each other and how I visit this group every single day (even if it is just to read and comment on blogs) to stay strong and connected.   

I hope they seek out the Diabetes Online Community.  I hope that the mom of the newly diagnosed six-year-old becomes one of the awesome D-moms I “follow” online.  I seriously can’t put into words how meaningful my connections here have been.  Life with D has gotten so much better for me thanks to you all.    

Do I wish that there were more good things to say about D?  Like time off for good behavior?  Of course, but I suppose what we get is more time for good behavior...and as long as I have my D-peeps to help me through the bad days, I'll be okay. 


  1. That is amazing you were able to talk to her. I bet you gave her some peace of mind and comfort! DOC is amazing!!

  2. So glad that you were able to offer support to your coworker...and that you have found the support to enable you to do it!
    The DOC is such an amazing place and the sooner PWD or parents of CWD can get plugged in, the better! :)

  3. My heart is heavy for them. I know how difficult it is in the beginning. You are right start would have been much less lonely if I had been part of the DOC back then...when Joe was diagnosed. xo

  4. Great post - and glad you were there for your friend (I was diagnosed at the same age as her family member). I'm like you - discovered the D-OC about 3 years ago - wishing I'd known about it before. If only this had been around when my Mum was raising me! BTW, parents reading this - if you're fortunate enough to be attending the CWD in Toronto at the end of July - look out for me (maybe I'll be wearing cat ears \\^,,^// ??). I'm part of the great group of CWD folks taking part in making sure the kids remain safe and sound as well as meet new friends and learn a few things from old timers like me (I've been diabetic 44 years). Do not worry - I will not tell them how to tidy up there room in 5 secs (shove EVERYTHING off floor into closet) - that will be my own secet that I keep to myself!