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Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's August 12th, Time for 12 of 12!!!!!

On the 12th day of each month bloggers from all over the world take 12 photos of their day. The 12 of 12 project was Chad’s idea, go to his website to see links from the people who participated this month and to post a link to yours!

We were off work this week on vacation, but we stayed close to home.  Here was my day...

Ooh, the suspense!!!  

*Forehead Slap* as I realize it is after noon and I haven't taken my long-lasting injection yet.   Grrrr.

I know I'll regret posting this unflattering shot (Ha, "shot"! pun intended!), but it's a day in the life of living with D.  Long-lasting insulin administered.  :)

Hubs and I went bowling.  Was going to make a "ball" joke here, but thought better of it. 

That sir, was a gutterball.  D'oh!

I won the first game!!!  He kicked my behind on the second one though. 

Picked up prescriptions.  Wondering why they are about $130 less than usual. Hmm. 

Oh boy,  why do I only have one bottle of Humalog for three months???  Pharmacy has to call the doc...we've only been doing this at the same doctor's office for SEVENTEEN YEARS.  Maybe someday, they'll get my re-fills right.

Chick-fil-A Chicken Salad for lunch.  I know I should've passed on the breaded chicken, but it was SO GOOD.  :)

Missed some of Shark Week so we had some catching up to do on the DVR.  Love Shark Week!

How cool is he?!?!?

Because last week's Diabetic Ice Cream Social was so much fun we had to do it again. :)  Finishing off the vacation with a small Oreo Blizzard from DQ.  Yum!   Goodnight Blog Buddies!


  1. Love the 12 [YAY BOWLING!] and jealous of your blizzard, hope it was awesome! :]

  2. What a fun day - bowling, blizzards, and long-acting insulin. tee hee

    Hope you had a great "stay-cation". Thanks for sharing - see ya next month.

  3. That shot isn't even unflattering! I love breaded chicken...I have a weakness for chicken strips when I'm at bars. I actually ate some last night and didn't even bolus because I had been drinking...!

  4. I so need to do the 12 of seeing everyone's day! :)
    Yours looked like lots of, far or near, are a good thing!!

  5. I love DQ!!! AND I wan't to hear the ball joke :)

  6. LOVE Shark Week...and yeah, ball jokes!!!! I wanna hear them too.

    And...the "Shot shot" was beautiful. Great 12 Meagan. xo