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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Walk in the Park

After my last post about exercise, or rather lack of – I decided to focus on being more active. 

It was GORGEOUS here today so I headed to a nearby park.  The birds, shocked to see me again no doubt, chirpily cheered me on – as if to say “LOOK AT YOU”!  I felt just like Snow White, if Snow White was a clumsy blonde in a mismatched outfit on laundry day. 
I did a few laps and thought about heading home.  I stopped for a moment in the shade of a giant tree, just staring out at the park, at nature.  I felt lucky to be there, I wanted to keep going.  I figured I could cut through the middle if I got tired of walking, or needed extra emergency sugar (which was in the Jeep at the edge of the park – just in case).  One more lap, I told myself.  I ended up so blissfully lost in thought (or distracted by all the singing birds) that I missed the exit path and kept walking.   
I walked for several miles.  It was a great walk.  Not a power walk, or a jog, just a walk – but it’s a start.  The fresh air made me feel happy to be alive, and the catcalls I received from a group of guys in a car made me realize…I still got it.  J


  1. congrats! This is awesome. You have inspired me to talk a walk too and take that extra lap!

  2. Ha! Love that you have already gotten out. AND ofcourse you still "got it"!

  3. I love to walk and sometimes I forget that it counts as exercise! It's a win - win! And the catcalls...You go girl!!!!!!

  4. WOOT!

    I love leisure walks :) They're definitely my favorite way to move!