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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Awesome Things I’ve Done Because of Diabetes!

The Awesome Things I’ve Done Because of Diabetes
D-Blog Week 2011 Day #5
Meeting AWESOME people that are just like me has to be number one.  Shout out to the D-Peeps!  I LOVE meeting each and every one of you!!!
Riding in Tour de Cure on my Birthday to Accept Diabetes…and being included in a magazine because of it – ROCKED.  

Not only did I ride, and have a kick ass time, but I wrote an article about my experience called Tour of Acceptance…that was featured in DIABETIC LIVING MAGAZINE!!!  *Insert teenage girl scream here*. 
The whole experience was one that I’ll never forget.  An amazing editor at the magazine surprised me by asking if I would be photographed at my next event, which was the “Step Out” Walk for diabetes along with my husband and sister.  Um, YES!!! 
A make-up artist came to my house, a photography team met me at the walk, and I got to sparkle for a day.  The photo shoot lasted about half the day, and I never felt stronger.  As we fell asleep that night, Hubby told me how amazing he thought I was.  It was one of the best days of my life. 
P.S. You can see the article and photos in the SPRING issue of Diabetic Living, or on their website link I have below.  YAY! J


  1. You go girl (teenage girl scream and all)! That must have been so much fun!! I will be looking for the article. OH, and Happy Birthday :)

  2. Just checked out the article in Diabetic Living Magazine and you looked great! It was a very inspiring article. Great job!!!! You'll have to sign a copy for me someday ;)

  3. Very cool accomplishment! Congratulations. Heading to read the article now.

  4. Thank you LIZ! You write some wonderful things yourself on that awesome blog of yours...think seriously about sending something to DLiving sometime! I'm totally willing to scream like a teeenager for you!!! :)

    MONKEYSCHOOL - Thank you! Such sweet words, thanks so much for reading. Not to mention you also have an awesome blog...keep DLiving in mind too!!! :D

  5. I saw that article and thought it was so cool! Now I can say I know the person in the magazine! :)

  6. Yep! I want an autograph too!

    Way to be AWESOME!

  7. Thanks 1littleprick, glad you liked it!!!

    SCOTT - Lol, we'll have to trade autographs, cause you sir are completely AWESOME! Thanks for the friendship on fb and here! I really enjoy your EXCELLENT blog!!! :)

  8. Oh how awesome!!! You are a total rockstar! I'm headed over to the Diabetic Living site to read your article now. *teenage girl scream*

  9. Thanks so much Karen! I had a blast with blog you can see here. You are AMAZING!!! :)